Make everyday a little pink

Make everyday a little pink

Make everyday a little pink

Sweden’s favourite cookies 

Gille first began baking cookies in Örkelljunga, Sweden, back in the 1960s. With more than 50 years of success behind us, Gille now bakes Sweden’s best-selling cookies. 

 So, what makes Gille so popular?

 It’s simple: we bake only top-quality cookies and pastries using the very best ingredients. With around 30 different cookies and pastries for every occasion, Gille helps you live a sweeter life!

 So, sit back, enjoy some fika and let yourself be inspired by the Gille world.

We know you won’t be disappointed!

GILLE brings holiday joy to your home

Some of our ginger snaps have a little hole at the top for your own ribbon or string, letting you set a creatively wonderful Christmas mood in your home. GILLE Large Hearts, GILLE Mini Gingerbread Houses and GILLE Ginger Snap Shapes make lovely holiday decorations! Let us inspire you. 

Ginger snaps for Everyone

In our Swedish bakeries in the region of Scania we bake a wide assortment of delicious gingerbread cookies using rapeseed oil.

Our classic assortment includes best-selling GILLE Ginger Snaps Small Hearts, which make the perfect complement to traditional Glögg, Swedish mulled sweet wine. We also offer GILLE Organic Ginger Snaps. GILLE Ginger Snaps Large Hearts are an inspiration for cosy holiday decoration ideas for your home. 

The creative collection includes GILLE Mini Ginger Snap Houses and GILLE Ginger Snap Shapes, that can be assembled and decorated in any way your imagination takes you. The whole family can build a ginger snap land together, from our Ginger Snap Shapes baked from GILLE’s top ranking recipes in numerous taste tests.

NEW TREAT makes your Christmas crafts even more merry & fun!

GILLE Ginger Snap Shapes– GILLE’s special, 2020 edition Ginger Snaps – are a great follow-up to the super-popular GILLE Mini Ginger Snap Houses, which brought many families together to enjoy Christmas crafts last year. This year, GILLE has created Christmas elves, snowmen and other cute shapes to help make every family’s ginger snap town that much more exciting.

With passion for cookies!

 Have you ever wondered why Gille´s Swedish cookies and pastries look so good – almost like home-made? It’s because that’s exactly how we want them to be! Gille’s product developer, Jens Bengtsson, works hard to make sure that your Gille cookies and pastries taste truly delicious.

Tips & Recipes

Gille’s cookies are delicious all on their own.
Still, sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra for variety and to surprise your guests.
Here we offer lots of new ideas, recipes and tips to inspire you!

A “Fika” with BRIS helps kids in need! GILLE is a supporter of the Swedish organisation Children’s Rights in Society. 

GILLE’s long-term collaboration with BRIS continues! As of November 23, 2020, our Caramel Pastry in the family size and 6-pack will be official BRIS products. For every single package sold, GILLE will donate 1 Swedish krona to the children’s rights organisation not just for holiday season, but ALL YEAR ROUND!

Cookie traditions for all ages

Gille offers you everything from children’s favourites like Caramel Pastry to sugar-free Oat Cookies for people who want to eat less sugar, and also delicious rusks flavoured with cardamom and Double Chocolate Crisps with dark chocolate. Yummy! 

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