Make everyday a little pink

Make everyday a little pink

Make everyday a little pink

Big becomes also small - Mini!

Sweden’s favourite cookies 

Gille first began baking cookies in Örkelljunga, Sweden, back in the 1960s. With more than 50 years of success behind us, Gille now bakes Sweden’s best-selling cookies. 

 So, what makes Gille so popular?

 It’s simple: we bake only top-quality cookies and pastries using the very best ingredients. With around 30 different cookies and pastries for every occasion, Gille helps you live a sweeter life!

 So, sit back, enjoy some fika and let yourself be inspired by the Gille world.

We know you won’t be disappointed!

Who will win the 2022 Gingerbreadland Championships?

Vote and be one of 50 winners!

See the photos and learn learn more about their gingerbread land — ”Chaos on the Ski Slope”.

NEWS! The big little cookie — MINI..

GILLE Double Chocolate Oat Crisps, Sweden’s most sold cookie,* is now here in a mini version. A little cookie made for big adventures. Offered in two different flavours, Original and Orange, and now they come in handy small bags.

NEWS! Biscuits with raspberry no added sugar

Now in your shop!

Sugar free

Gille Biscuits with Orange Taste are sugar free, and also refreshingly tasty with a tinge of fresh orange flavour that will brighten every tea or coffee moment. So carry on having a little Swedish ”fika” any day you choose even if you’re cutting back on sugar! 

Vegan cookies

Did you know that many of our delicious cookies have the seal of approval of Djurens Rätt, the largest animal rights and protection organisation in Sweden? That means that we make it easy for you to choose animal-friendly.

Read more about our assortment in the ”Vegan” tab

With a passion for cookies!

Have you ever wondered why Gille´s Swedish cookies and pastries look so good – almost like home-baked? It’s because that’s exactly how we want them to be! Gille’s product developer, works hard to make sure that your Gille cookies and pastries taste truly delicious – almost like home-baked!

Cookie traditions for all ages

Gille offers you everything from children’s favourites like Caramel Pastry to sugar-free Oat Cookies for people who want to eat less sugar, and also delicious rusks flavoured with cardamom and Double Chocolate Crisps with dark chocolate. Yummy!