Ginger SNAPS

Ginger snaps

Ginger snaps for Everyone

In our Swedish bakeries in the region of Scania we bake a wide assortment of delicious gingerbread cookies using rapeseed oil.

Our classic assortment includes best-selling GILLE Ginger Snaps Small Hearts, which make the perfect complement to traditional Glögg, Swedish mulled sweet wine. GILLE Ginger Snaps Large Hearts are an inspiration for cosy holiday decoration ideas for your home. 

The creative collection includes GILLE Mini Ginger Snap Houses, which can be assembled and decorated in any way your imagination takes you. The whole family can build a ginger snap land together, with our ginger snaps baked from GILLE’s top ranking recipes in numerous taste tests.

For cookie-lovers looking for alternatives with less sugar, we offer GILLE Ginger Snaps with no added sugar, baked from a new and improved recipe using rapeseed oil.

And for home bakers, don’t forget to look for GILLE Gingerbread dough in your grocer’s refrigerator section!