Fully 1.9 million children are currently looking for an adult who can help them experience a childhood free from violence, assault, bullying, abuse of power and legal scandals. Bris has therefore decided to launch a new monthly donor concept called “Childhood Friend”, which it hopes will encourage more people to contribute to a safer childhood.

– Bris was established in 1971 as a people’s movement for children’s rights. Children are our ‘clients’, and we work to provide a better childhood for everyone. Each and every krone we receive makes a difference. It’s thanks to private individuals and companies who choose to make a stand for the rights of every child to live a good, safe life that we can continue working for change, says Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary General of Bris.

A Childhood Friend is anyone who supports Bris to the tune of at least SEK 100 per month. By becoming a Childhood Friend, you can help Bris to continue working for the rights of every child to a safe and secure childhood by supporting, mobilising and influencing to promote a society that safeguards the rights of the child.

In other words, becoming a Childhood Friend helps change children’s lives.

“Thank you, Bris, for always being there for me. There was a time where I was horribly depressed and ready to die, but you’ve helped me develop into a person who loves life. THANK YOU!” wrote one child to Bris.

To ensure that more children have access to help that can change their lives, Gille is joining the fight to create great childhood memories with Bris. From week 36 through week 42, Gille will therefore be donating SEK 1 for every 6-pack of Gille Pastries, Sport Pastries, Caramel Pastries and Punch Rolls sold. All funds raised will go directly to Bris.

To find out more about the Childhood Friend programme, see: https://www.bris.se/stod-bris/bli-barndomsvan/