Gille supports BRIS

Every day, Swedish children’s rights organisation BRIS listens to the stories of children who are vulnerable, suffer from anxiety, or who are victims of violence or abuse/harassment and each day BRIS works to make our community a better place for children to grow up in. 

Today, 1.9 million kids need an adult who can help them grow up free from violence, abuse, bullying, the misuse of power and court battles. To help fill this need, BRIS has launched a new monthly-donor programme, Barndomsvän. BRIS hopes that the programme will encourage more people to help give kids a happy childhood. 

“Ordinary members of the community founded BRIS in 1971 to support children’s rights. Children’s needs and interests guide everything we do and our aim is to give every child a better childhood. Every krona we receive makes a difference. It’s the support of ordinary people and businesses who believe in every child’s right to live a happy life that helps us continue creating positive change,” says BRIS’ Secretary General Magnus Jägerskog.


Members of the Barndomsvän programme give 100 kronor or more to BRIS every month. This money helps BRIS continue working to promote every child’s right to a safe and secure childhood by supporting, mobilising and lobbying for a community that respects children’s rights. You can also help improve a child’s life by joining the Barndomsvän programme.

 “Thank you, BRIS, for being there for me. You’ve helped me change from being depressed and ready to die to a person who loves life! THANK YOU!”

– A child in a letter to BRIS