PEPPARKAKELAND – The Castrillon Nilsson Family

On October 9th, the Castrillion Nilsson family presented their entry for the 2021 Gingerbread-land Championship to PEPPE, GILLE, to you, and to all the thousands of followers participating in the live broadcast on Facebook. The presentation was sent live from Åkersberga in Stockholm. The Castrillion Nilsson family represent eastern Sweden, and they are mum Karin, dad Omar, and daughters Cassandra and Miranda. Mum Karin is the fountain of ideas, an airline stewardess in her job, and is a treasure of creative ideas. We’re sure the girl team of this family has all the support of skilful dad Omar, a bus driver by profession. The Castrillion Nilssons live in an idyllic Swedish countryside with free-roaming hens, a kitchen garden, and open nature at their doorstep.

– Our Gingerbread-land grew out of pure creative joy.

– Gingerbread-land for ‘Eastern Sweden’, by the Castrillion Nilsson family. Voting begins in December.

Ten Tips from the Castrillion Nilsson Family:

1. Shredded coconut and confectioner’s sugar on white plank and white cloth.

2. Salted pretzel sticks can become most anything, a bridge or a fence, or ski poles for the little gingerbread gnome on his way down the snowy Gingerbread-land slope.

3. Walkways paved with bits of gingerbread make a safe path through the miniature landscape of neighbouring tiny villages. For every family member to create something in their own style, each designed a village of their own!

4. Different colourful sweeties adorn roofs and windows, and raspberry jellies make red chimneys. If you don’t want to paint the gingerbread trolls with icing, just dust them with confectioner’s sugar to bring out the contours – eyes, nose, mouth and beards!

5. When we ran out of GILLE gingerbread trees, we made more trees and leaves with GILLE Large Hearts and Small Hearts, layered and glued upside down. Decorated with green icing, and silver sugar pearls for shiny Christmas baubles.

6. Father Christmas is on his way down a ski slope, and you can see tiny sleds made from toothpicks, too! Dad Omar is a specialist at details, and his job was to create these little wonders.

7. Every Gingerbread-land needs a Christmas Fair! Three little fair stalls in the centre of town are made from candies and salted pretzel sticks.

8. The sun shines bright over Gingerbread-land. Here is a sun of layered gingerbread hearts dusted with powdered sugar.

9. Marshmallows become snowballs, but marshmallows can also be fluffy sheep in the nearby pen. The lanterns in the landscape are liquorice sticks with a sugared pink jelly on top! Clever!

10. ‘The best tool for snow-dusting your gingerbread-land is a tea strainer’, says mum Karin.

GILLE may always inspire everyone at home, but now everyone at home can join with the creative and innovative people inspiring us all in an exciting competition that concludes with your vote in December for the winning creation. This is presentation Number 2. Entry Number 3 will be presented in a live broadcast on Facebook on Saturday, November 6, from the town of Lerum, where our next family will compete representing western Sweden. (Read more about all the families here).

The Gingerbread-land Championship is played between Swedish families from south to north, and west to east. We will visit all of them throughout the autumn for inspiration and to gear up for Christmas ideas.

At every family visit and live broadcast, (see live broadcasts here) GILLE will raffle out one large PEPPE and three small PEPPE figures to the public cheering for the family that day. We will also have other competitions and raffles directly from our social platforms throughout the autumn. So follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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