PEPPARKAKELAND – The Segerbo Family

On November 6th the Segerbo family presented their entry for the 2021 Gingerbread-land Championship to PEPPE, to GILLE, to you, and to all the thousands of followers following our live broadcast on Facebook. The presentation was sent live from Lerum in the Gothenburg area. The Segerbo family are the representatives from western Sweden, and they are mum Lhina, dad Ola, and their children Sixten and Zoey.]

Little sister Zoey – both a horse girl and a soccer girl – and her brother Sixten, a “gaming guy” with his own YouTube channel, showed us all the family’s fantastic creation.

‘Our gingerbread-land is an imaginary copy of Skogshydde Road in Lerum, our home by the Lake Aspen’, the Segerbo family says.

Gingerbread-land by the Segerbo family in west Sweden for the 2021 Gingerbread-land Championship. Popular voting begins December 1st.

Ten Tips from the Segerbo Family:

1. The base of our landscape is a thin sheet of wood, framed with a beautifully painted low stone wall. Each bit of the landscape has a little tale and a story that you can tell as you walk around looking at all the fascinating views.

2. The greenery, moss from the woods, was gathered with permission from the landowner, as well as pine branches, and they give a true feeling of woods and nature to our gingerbread landscape. But be sure to let the green moss dry out for a few days before placing all the little cookie houses and figures in it!

3. There is a torchlight procession in our Skogshydde Road! Flame-coloured yellow tissue paper makes torches for the gingerbread people to carry, and there is a bonfire down by the road near the little lake. The pathway there is made of real pebbles dusted with powdered sugar.

4. Each little house in our gingerbread-land is from real life, and that is why their real street numbers are written on the small gingerbread hearts in front of every house.

5. All along the road in front of our little gingerbread-town there are small gingerbread hearts numbered from 1 to 24 – an Advent Calendar! A little secret surprise lies underneath every little heart.

6. Instead of hard sugar icing, many of the houses and its people are decorated with edible coloured topping, quite a bit easier for the smallest of children to nibble!

7. Besides the small houses and the tall houses with many stories, the Segerbo family also built a red-painted farm with all its lengthwise buildings. This is their grandparents’ house from the time when they lived nearby.

8. Fluffy-looking meringues have made wonderful ‘snowballs’ and other icy details. Meringue snowmen, too!

9. Imagination has no limits – here a hill of small rocks, tiny pinecones, huge mushrooms, foxes’ dens, wild deer, gnomes, and all sorts of scenic details for a magical mood.

10. Wonderful Christmas music in the background will enhance the magic of the scene even more.

GILLE may always inspire everyone at home, but now everyone at home can join in with the creative people inspiring us all in the exciting competition that will conclude with your vote in December for the winning townscape!

This has been presentation Number 3. Entry Number 4 will be presented in a live broadcast on Facebook on Saturday, November 20th direct from the city of Vittangi, where our next competing family will represent northern Sweden.  (Read more about all the families here).

The Gingerbread-land Championship is played between Swedish families from south to north, and west to east. We will visit all of them throughout the autumn for holiday inspiration and to get set for Christmas fun and ideas.

At every family visit and live broadcast, (see live bradcast here) GILLE will raffle out one large PEPPE and three small PEPPE figures to the public cheering for the family that day.

We will also have other competitions and raffles directly from our social platforms throughout the autumn. So follow us on Facebook och Instagram.

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