Better, finer, thinner – and now baked with rapeseed oil. During the autumn, Gille re-launched its Ginger Snaps, Large Hearts and the response has been positive (to put it mildly).

“Delicious! Really spicy with a great taste – just the way ginger snaps should be!” writes one consumer on social media. “We couldn’t agree more with the top marks for the delicious taste, the shape and the cookie-ness,” writes another.

The latest review comes from Mitt kök, which tested ten different sorts of ginger snaps. A panel took part in a blind test and was then asked for its opinion and scores. Gille Ginger Snaps, Large Hearts were awarded the highest marks and voted best in test.

– We’re delighted and proud of the rating. Our product developers have worked hard all year to create the perfect ginger snaps, and this feels like recognition and proof that we really succeeded, says Camilla Tuvesson, Marketing Manager at Continental Bakeries, North Europe.

The full review from Mitt kök: “With a distinctive hole in the middle, a large, perfectly baked ginger snap that tastes absolutely fantastic! The ginger snap melts deliciously in the mouth, leaving a wonderful aftertaste thanks to its clear and perfectly balanced blend of Christmas spices. Wow!”