Have you ever wondered why Gille’s cookies and sweets look so good – almost like home-made? It’s because that’s exactly how we want them to be! Gille’s product developer, Jens Bengtsson, works hard to make sure that your Gille cookies taste truly delicious, almost like home-made.

“I see taking the heart of good baking and putting it into large-scale production as a wonderful challenge. Gille’s goal is to have both a home-made feeling and the best quality. My job is to create new cookies, flavours and recipes,” says Jens. “From my little pastry board in our test bakery, I turn small-scale ideas into large-scale production in our big bakery,” he explains.

Gille will present a new tasty treat made by Jens this autumn! Something exciting that will be an all-new product on the market. Something for everyone in your family to enjoy. Are you curious? More details are coming soon, so visit our website regularly to learn more!