New arrival!  GILLE Christmas Sleigh Ginger Snaps 

GILLE presents a unique idea and new item for all your Christmas craft parties and for this year’s creative Gingerbread Lands – GILLE CHRISTMAS SLEIGHS! 

GILLE Christmas Sleigh Ginger Snaps come as a set with a sleigh and two reindeer on foot stands. Each package contains three Christmas Sleigh sets and weighs 300 grams. The parts are ready to assemble and decorate as this year’s cheerful new addition to your Christmas craft get-togethers with family and friends. 
Who will ride in the sleigh? Or will you fill it with candy and nuts? Will it carry Santa on his ride full of gifts through Gingerbread Land, or will the Christmas Sleigh be a charming decoration on your holiday table? 

GILLE Christmas Sleigh Ginger Snaps are baked with rape seed oil in our bakeries in northern Skåne. They are a fun novelty to assemble and decorate and delicious to eat too – so some parts may go missing! Available in shops from the end of September.  

GILLE Chirstmas Sleigh Ginger Snaps 300g