Swedish consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, although their “coffee and cake ritual” continues to hold a special place in their everyday lives, at home, at the office and when out and about. With the addition of the Gille Sport Pastry to our assortment, we are accommodating the growing demand for lower sugar content, without compromising on the delicious taste.

We at Gille work constantly with product development that is clearly linked to current trends and requests from our customers. On the basis of this input, Gille is now launching a completely new product: the Sport Pastry.

Gille Sport Pastries are cocoa pastries made with three types of cereal (oats, rye and wheat) flavoured with small chunks of raspberry. The new pastry features the classic Gille chocolate taste and is the same size as the popular Gille Pastry – just with 7% more fibre and 75% less sugar.

Figures for 2017 reveal that chocolate pastries were far and away the most popular Google search in the “food” category. More and more people are choosing to bake their own “healthier” pastries. Gille’s new Sport Pastry is thus perfect for everyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and for young people who need a little energy boost. The pastries are also ideal for people who prefer products with less sugar and more fibre. Just like the other products in the Gille assortment, Sport Pastries are baked in Sweden.

So try our new sporty treat today! Sport Pastries will be in stores as from today, 22 January 2018.