New larger package — Same delicious GILLE Biscuits

Beginning in early February, GILLE Biscuits with Cardamom and GILLE Biscuits with Almond Taste will come in a new and larger package – we’ve changed from the smaller round plastic canister to a larger family-pack in a paper carton. So nothing in the recipe has changed! Except that now there are many more crisp little cookies in the box, at almost double the weight per package from 350 grams to 600 grams.

GILLE Biscuits have a long tradition in Sweden originating at the Kafé Gillet in northern Scania in the 1960s. The small, sweet little biscuits became popular over the years and were soon a classic addition to everyday ”fika”. So we know that many shoppers will be looking for their favourite on the store shelves and may worry that GILLE Biscuits are gone, or have different ingredients.

But GILLE Biscuits are just the same as before and just as tasty. And you’ll surely find them on the same shelf as always at your favourite grocer’s.