For your enjoyment!
Two little treats for new adventures!

GILLE launches two new ”MINI” coockies on to new adventures – on the shelves in Swedish shops from February 13.

Sweden’s most popular cookie – GILLE Double Chocolate Crisps – was the start for our new idea of  MINI-cookies in 2022. GILLE MINI Chocolate Oat Crisps Original and GILLE MINI Chocolate Oat Crisps Orange were launched as a little cookie to go on big adventures!  (See our assortment here) The new arrivals were met with applause and became top sellers right away. So now we can present two new and wonderfully tasteful cookies in a MINI size, and that are both vegan!


NEWS! GILLE MINI Biscuits with Dark Chocolate Pieces.

With a recipe collection starting from the 1960s, and from our own bakeries, we have decades of experience and knowledge about what the Swedes really like – and have now baked up a new little MINI-cookie with cocoa and bits of dark chocolate. They come in a 4-ounce packet of 14 “minis”, or 110 grams. A must-have for your next springtime outing! (See our assortment here)

NEWS! GILLE MINI Oat Biscuits with Apple Pieces.

GILLE not only bake their products in northern Skåne, in Sweden’s southernmost province, but the oats for their cookies are sourced from the fields of neighbouring county Västra Götaland. The newcomer GILLE MINI Oat Biscuits with Apple Pieces is a new little biscuit with roasted oats and bits of dried apple. They are sold in a small packet of 13 “minis” and weigh only 110 grams, or just under 4 ounces. A perfect little bag for all your summer outings! (See our assortment here)