New! – GILLE Mint Oat Crisps with Dark Chocolate 

GILLE Double Chocolate Crisps are a Swedish classic that are always welcome at our fika breaks or our get-togethers at home. The truth is that this crispy oat cookie with genuine dark chocolate, high in real cocoa, is one of the most desired treats for afternoon break. A favourite among all cookies!

From 15 February 2021 we will enhance our cookie assortment with a flavour variety that we featured recently as a ‘guest appearance’ and that was a real success – GILLE Mint Oat Crisps with Dark Chocolate.

GILLE Mint Oat Crisps with Dark Chocolate are just as crispy as before, made from Swedish oats. And just as genuine with delicious dark chocolate that melts in your mouth. The delightful difference is that GILLE Mint Oat Crisps with Dark Chocolate have an added tangy-fresh mint flavour that will give a little boost to your fika and to every cookie-lover who likes some variety. 

Our own classic cookie and best-seller GILLE Double Chocolate Crisps has earned the distinction ‘next to home baked’ in both taste and  shape. So of course GILLE is pleased to serve you an extra flavour variety as a ‘limited edition’ for all your fika moments this spring! 

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