NEWS – Coconut or Lemon Flavoured Dream Cookies!

This summer you can enjoy GILLE Dreams both with the flavours of coconut or lemon, the two newest goodies to be found in your local shop from mid-May 2021. Dream Cookies have the special combination of a crispy and an airy texture that just melts on the tongue. The traditional flavours have always been vanilla and chocolate.

GILLE Vanilla Dreams and GILLE Chocolate Dreams have been standard features of the GILLE assortment, and to which GILLE have added two new flavours – coconut and lemon. These bring a wonderful variety to every cake-platter for your summery Swedish “fikas”. Delicate GILLE Dreams are often thought to be home-baked! Which is no surprise, as they are baked right here in our southern Swedish bakeries in Skåne.

‘GILLE is the market leader in sweet biscuits in Sweden, so it is our job and our pleasure to update the assortment with new ideas or new flavours’, explains Camilla Tuvesson, Marketing Manager at GILLE. ‘And research tells us that our customers are always eager for a new and slightly different treat that will add a new touch to their coffee or tea break. Of all cookies, Dreams are always a popular classic that are well worth enhancing with other natural flavours, and both lemon and coconut are essences of summer’, Camilla adds.