PEPPARKAKELAND – Team Jepson Svartz

On September 25 the Jepson Svartz family presented their entry in the ”2021 National Gingerbread-land Championships” to PEPPE, GILLE, to you, and all the other thousands of viewers who joined our live broadcast on Facebook. Their presentation was sent by direct link from Glumslöv in Skåne. The Jepson Svartz family are our representatives for southern Sweden, and the team members are mum Cornelia, dad Mikael and kids Vira and Ärla. Cornelia is an artist at heart with an eye for detail, Mikael is a musician, also known the guitarist in the Swedish rock band The Ark. Big sister Vira is both creative and musical, and little sister Ärla is already stage-struck and a charmer to be reckoned with!

Our Gingerbread-land was built with love and family togetherness!

Gingerbread-land South! Created by the Jepson Svartz family. Voting begins in December.

10 tips from team Jepson Svartz:

1. Help a friend carry a new refrigerator into their house, and ask if you can keep the styrofoam packaging. Use a big, flat piece of styrofoam sheet for a platform base for your Gingerbread-land, because it looks like snow. That way you can move your entire town around without breaking anything. And you’ll be recycling the styrofoam instead of throwing it out right away, too.

2. A Gingerbread-land without an ice-skating rink is no real Gingerbread-land. Plexiglass gives a realistic look. Especially if you add some imitation ice cubes.

3. Think space-efficiency! Think compact living. Build upwards to have room for as many homes as possible! We want everyone to have a place to live!

4. Build a tree with a ladder and little decorated houses, from something like an empty paper-towel-roll, and wire and lighting. One example of setting your sights high!

5. A singing choir of GILLE Ginger-bread people, led by a mouse directing the music with a peppermint-cane baton. Inventive!

6. Build a church from several GILLE Mini Gingersnap houses, that you carefully saw apart and glue together. It looks like dad Mikael actually has a secret Gingerbread saw…

7. Frame the whole little town in a chain of beautifully decorated small hearts, for a feeling of warmth and loving care.

8. Popsicle sticks are good for making bridges and traffic signs.

9. Start by sketching up your layout and ideas on a sheet of paper, but then let them all flourish while you’re building. This family actually wanted a snow machine that would make snow fall on the Gingerbread-land continuously. Well, that idea couldn’t be done, so they had to settle for snow on the ground. Gorgeous, says Peppe!

10. It takes time to build a Gingerbread-land. That is, if you’re trying to win the Gingerbread-land Championship! So it’s important to do a little bit every evening.

So instead of GILLE inspiring all the people, let all the people join in as these creative people inspire us all in an exciting competition – where you get to vote at the end for the winning entry in December. This was our entry No. 1. Next, entry No. 2 will be presented in a live broadcast on Facebook on Saturday October 9, from Åkersberga and the family team from eastern Sweden. (read about all the families here).

The 2021 Gingerbread-land Championships will be played between families from south to north, east to west. We will visit all of them during the fall, to get inspired and excited for our own bustle of Christmas activities.

At each visit and live broadcast from our families (see the livefootage here) we’ll be giving away one giant PEPPE and three small PEPPES to the audiences cheering for them! There will be other contests and raffles directly on our social media channels all autumn. So follow us on  Facebook and Instagram.

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