2021 National Gingerbread-land Championship

Join GILLE prize give-aways on every broadcast, such as small and giant-sized soft toy Ginger Snap figuresChampionship.

Meet our families live — visit them live online as they build their gingerbread landscapes from scratch! From north to south, from east to west. With loads of imagination and crafty ideas.

The live broadcasts will be announced in plenty of time ahead, and will be sent on weekends through the autumn season up to December.

You choose the winner — the first 200 voters will receive a cookie voucher for 25 SEK. (only valid in Sweden) Voting starts in December after all four family teams have presented their home-built gingersnap landscapes!

These creative families start off with the exact same materials and the exact same freedom to use their wildest ideas and unrestricted decorative imagination. The one rule is that each gingerbread-land has to fit within the edges of a normal kitchen table. Which family will build the best gingerbread-land for Christmas 2021?

After each live broadcast we will recap and present the home visit right here on our website www.gille.se with pictures and texts in a short feature story.


SOUTHERN SWEDEN (Glumslöv) – FAMILY NR 1  Jepson Svartz.

GILLE and PEPPE will visit the creative Jepson Svartz family in north-western Skåne in the cosy town of Glumslöv. You will get to know mum Cornelia, dad Mikael and the two girls Vira and Ärla. The family will introduce themselves a few days before on GILLE’s social media. But we can already tell you that Cornelia is an artist at heart with an eye for detail, Mikael is a musician and known among other things as the guitarist in the Swedish rock band The Ark. Big sister Vira is both creative and musical, and little sister Ärla is already stage-struck and a charmer to be reckoned with!

GILLE will send live from the Jepson Svartz home on Saturday 25 September. After that anyone who likes can see the article with about them with photos here at www.gille.se from Monday, 4 October.

EASTERN SWEDEN (Åkersberga) – FAMILY NR 2  Castrillon Nilsson

If you’re in this family’s fan club, have a look at the dancing girls Cassandra and Miranda from Åkersberga. The Castrillon Nilsson family will be a worthy opponent, considering they have an entire room in their home dedicated to crafts. The true ideas person is mum Karin, who is an air hostess at work, and has creative solutions to most everything. Hopefully this girl gang gets some assistance from handy family dad Omar, who otherwise is a bus driver. The family live in a countryside idyll with free roaming chickens, a kitchen garden and with nature close by.

GILLE will visit the Castrillon family on Saturday 9 October for the live broadcast. The illustrated article about them will be published here on www.gille.se from Monday 18 October.

NORTHERN SWEDEN (Vittangi) – FAMILY NR 3  Råman Sikorei

Everyone can join in building a gingerbread land, young and old. The adorable little Liv and Isak really look forward to being a part of the Gingerbread-land Championship 2021 and representing northern Sweden.

Crafts and art projects are a part of this family’s cultural heritage, as Hanna’s artistic talents include traditional Sami handicraft as well as photography. She also works with the national group for Swedish traditional arts and crafts. She met Matia Paktari Sikorei in Tanzania, and today they all live in the small town of Vittangi in northernmost Sweden.

Matia belongs to the Maasai people and works for the Church of Sweden, currently as a caretaker. His everyday life has always been close to handicrafts and decorative work with beads, leather and metals in practical tools for everyday use.

GILLE will visit the Råman Sikorei family on Saturday 23 October. The article about them will be published with photos here on www.gille.se from Monday 1 November.


The Segerbo household will certainly be lively when GILLE and PEPPE visit our fourth family in Lerum near Gothenburg. Younger sister Zoey, who is both a football girl and a horse girl will head up the miniature building project together with her brother Sixten, a serious gamer, and who is passionate about mountain biking in the woods. We hope they reveal their strategy a few days ahead of the live broadcast, in late October. Mum Lhina is People & Culture manager at famed Swedish outdoor shoe manufacturer Icebug, and dad Ola is an employee placement specialist at Nordea Bank. Zoey and Sixten will surely make the most of their parents’ skills for the gingerbread project.

GILLE will visit the Segerbo family on Saturday 5 November for the live broadcast. The illustrated article about them will be published here on www.gille.se from Monday 29 November.