And of course, Santa will be offering to share his Gille Ginger Snaps

Small hearts – the classic, thin version, organic ginger snaps made with rapeseed oil, the ones with no added sugar, or the big hearts with the hole in the middle, which make wonderful decorations. Or why not spend even more time together, and bake your own ginger snaps to enjoy (pick up a pack of dough from the refrigerated counter!). Gille is a hearty treat for everyone to enjoy.

“Hi there,” says Santa. “Don’t you have time to join me for coffee?”

You can watch Santa and his festive battles in several film clips, and in the run-up to Christmas you can see if he succeeds in getting stressed-out people to try a different approach, look up from their smartphones and follow their hearts. Or he might just head off home to the North Pole for coffee with Mrs. Claus …

As Santa is passionate about his work, he is also arranging all kinds of competitions and other activities on Gille’s digital media platforms. And it’s all intended to show how much good a heart can do for the community. So make sure to like, follow and share. Especially with someone you think needs to gear down for a bit and enjoy coffee with Gille Ginger Snaps.