Smiley Faces from GILLE Saffron Dreams

GILLE Saffron Dreams

200 g powdered sugar
20–30 g egg white
Food colouring drops or gel colouring

Optional: a few drops lemon juice or white vinegar

Whip the powdered sugar and the egg white with an electric beater for several minutes until it is light and shiny. If it has not turned shiny, continue whipping. If it seems too runny add more powdered sugar, or if too solid add a few drops more egg white. If you prefer your icing to be pure white, add a drop or two of lemon juice or white vinegar.

Colour the icing with food colouring or gel colouring in the colours of your choice. Sophie finds it easiest to use a toothpick for decorating with coloured icing. Use your imagination and whatever you can find at home to decorate your Christmas treats!