The look, the feeling – and that delicious taste – are all the same as the original, but with no added sugar. A yummy moment of enjoyment where less means more. A pleasure that makes your every day a little bit “pink”. Enjoy! Here comes Gille Pastry No Added Sugar, baked in Sweden.

More and more people want to enjoy foods with less sugar. GILLE’s range of reduced-sugar treats is growing steadily and Gille is now launching another sweet in this category.

Gille Pastry No Added Sugar comes in an all-new, square packet with Gille’s famous pink design. The packet also has a white label, like all of Gille’s reduced-sugar treats, while our classic range has a black label. Each packet contains 12 pastries (375 grams total).

You’ll usually find Gille’s reduced-sugar treats in the reduced-sugar foods section of your local store. In smaller stores, you’ll find them together with ordinary cookies and cakes. You’ll also find GILLE Sugar-free Orange Cookies, GILLE Sugar-free Oat Cookies and more on the same shelf.

You can buy Gille Pastry No Added Sugar from 11 May 2020. Enjoy!