We know Gille families are very creative and have great imaginations! All during December we watched as cookie lovers built fantastic Gille gingerbread houses all over Sweden. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Reusing your Gille Ginger Snap containers and creating something together at the same time can help your family live a sweeter life.

Reuse your Gille Ginger Snap container – Tip 1
Juni’s lunch box/fikaboxOf course, you can always just fill your container with more cookies. Or, why not paint it pink (use eco-friendly paint!) and write your name on it? It’s a quick and easy way to make your very own lunch box/fika box that everyone will know is yours. In the photo on the right, Susanne’s little daughter Juni has printed her name on her fika box. Cute!

Reuse your Gille Ginger Snap container – Tip
Little Birdy’s fikabox It’s not easy for the birds who stay in Sweden for the winter to find enough food. We know you don’t have any Gille Ginger Snaps left, of course. But did you know you can fill the containers with bird seed? To make your own Little Birdy’s fika box, you will need two empty containers. Here, Susanne has cut holes in the bottoms of the containers and fixed them in place using a piece of wood in between and a hook and screw.

Reuse your Gille Ginger Snap container – Tip 3
Basket for hand towels Using cute little towels to dry your hands in the bathroom is a sweet idea, isn’t it? Using a clean towel each time also helps stop winter colds from spreading. In the photo on the right, we’ve wrapped a Gille Ginger Snap container in string to give it a pretty new look. We’re sure you have other ideas for things you can do with empty Gille Ginger Snap containers too! Here, Susanne has glued string around a Gille Ginger Snap container to make a basket.

Reuse your Gille Ginger Snap container – Tip 4
Home decorating with Gille Can you see where we’ve used a Gille Ginger Snap container in the last photo? That’s right! We made our pink container part of the cute “hot air balloon” lamp. A place for a fun-loving toy rabbit to enjoy the view! It’s a great decorating idea for your kid’s room, don’t you think? Do you have some ideas too? Please contact Gille and tell us all about them!