Nina Landorph’s mum is from Denmark and her dad is from the UK. She graduated high school in France and holds a Master’s in International Trade that she completed in Denmark in 1994. After that, she worked in London for four years, in Manchester for one, in Chicago for five, and then in Paris for one. Thirteen years ago, she set her sights on Sweden – which has been her “home turf” ever since.

“When you’ve lived in Paris, London and Chicago, it feels really calm and cosy to live in Helsingborg. I love it here. And when you drive to work in the morning, there’s no traffic! This is something I really appreciate.”

Even though her former jobs have taken her to places all over the world, she has always worked in the fields of international sales or international marketing. Today, she has been with Gille for seven years: two as an export assistant followed by five as export manager.

“I was looking for something in the area with an international dimension and this job really ticked all the boxes,” she says.

What does a typical day at work involve?
“I’m responsible for sales to a number of our export customers, so it involves a great deal of customer contact. I’m the main point of contact for my customers’ purchasers, so I do a lot of travelling,” explains Nina, turning to point to a stack of ring binders marked with different flags.

“One, two, three … I work with thirteen countries in all. What actually makes up my day varies greatly, but I like it best when I can get out to meet my customers. The closest ones are in Copenhagen, so I often have to make the long journey over to Denmark. I actually do a lot of travelling. When I’m here in the office, I’m usually answering emails and talking to customers on the phone – and we have export meetings once a week.”

Over and above her international dimension, Nina describes herself as service-minded and a perfectionist with workaholic tendencies. When she is not working, she goes running, with the aim of completing a Marathon every year. And every Friday, all year round, she goes swimming in the sea.

“It cleanses the mind, body and soul,” she says with a laugh.

Describing Nina as “une femme du monde” would be a bit of an understatement. Over the years, she has added a bit of every culture she has experienced to her life and personality.
She celebrates Danish Christmas, the Fourth of July with her children – who were born in the USA – and Swedish Midsummer. But when it comes to Swedish coffee culture, she would rather go her own way.

“As I’m half English, I drink English breakfast tea with milk. But we have that here in Åsljunga, so it’s all good! When I was working in Manchester, the first thing they said at the office wasn’t ‘good morning’, it was ‘did you put the kettle on?’”

No coffee, then but how about cookies?
“I’m probably not the biggest cookie-freak here in the office,” says Nina with a smile, adding:

“But my absolute favourites are the Gille sugar-free Oat Cookies. They’re delicious and really fill you up – perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon. And, of course, I love the Gille Double Chocolate Crisps. It’s pretty cool, because everyone loves that cookie when we launch it on the various export markets. Gille actually has a fantastic history. We were founded here in Åsljunga 50 years ago, and now we’re selling all over the world. The recipes have stayed pretty much the same since the start, even though we add a new one every now and then. But the classics will always be the classics.”