Summer cycling and coffee
Sweden is something of a paradise for cyclists when it comes to cycle routes and rides to explore new areas.

Hints for summer activities
Check which routes or short rides there are in your local area if you don’t want to ride too far. Sometimes it’s great simply to cycle out to the beach or the park and take a (coffee) break. Other examples:

- Sverigeleden - the Sweden Trail
- Mälardalsleden - the Mälaren Valley Trail
- Sydkustleden - the South Coast Trail
- Gotlandsleden - the Gotland Trail
- Kattegattleden - the Kattegat Trail
- Åkulla bokskogar - Åkulla Beech Woods
- Walk, cycle and paddle on Ivö island!

Hints for a successful bike ride
If you’re only going to be away for a day or so, you simply need to take a few basic items like a pump and a spare inner tube in case you have a puncture. We also recommend taking a bottle of water, a flask of coffee and some tasty treats to boost your energy. Why not take a small tin of Gille cookies – Gille Oat Cookies for example?

Hints for a successful cycling holiday
Trips involving a few days away from home require a little more planning, and it’s best to take only the absolute essentials with you – otherwise you might find the going a little tough, especially uphill! Bring clothes for all weather conditions, a swimsuit and perhaps even some waterproofs. If you want to skip all the planning, you can simply buy a complete cycling holiday package – see the links below.

Pump up your tyres, head off into the countryside and enjoy a wonderful summer!

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