Bake with Sophie in a “sweet” new teamwork with GILLE

The winner of Sweden’s popular television baking programme in 2022, Hela Sverige bakar – or The Great Swedish Bake Off – was student and amateur pastry chef Sophie Dalbäck, who will team up with GILLE in a publicity campaign set to kick off in May 2023.

Here at GILLE we knew right away that Sophie and GILLE had a lot in common, but also that Sophie could bring us new energy and an innovative angle. So together we came up with enough exciting activities to add that extra little glitter to your “fika moments” all summer long and beyond.

Sophie and GILLE will present their collaborations continuously throughout the spring – and of course it’s all about cookies. But we also promise delightful inspiration for turning GILLE cookies into a luxurious little extra delight, and making every day a little more pink.

When GILLE reached out to me I was so excited and interested. It was as though we just fit together, like a cup of coffee and cookies, says Sophie with a laugh. I have the same relationship to GILLE cookies that most of us have – we’ve all enjoyed them. Now that I’ve worked a little with the different cookies, I really feel like a member of the GILLE family. The cookies are a classical assortment, taste lovely and are made from high-quality ingredients. Every one of the bakers at GILLE has a genuine passion for their confections, and there is a feeling of togetherness and familiarity that I really appreciate, Sophie concluded as we interviewed her.

You can see Sophie on GILLE’s digital channels, and you can find her inspiring displays and recipes by the cookie shelves in grocery stores across Sweden.