NEW TREAT makes your Christmas crafts even more merry & fun!

GILLE Ginger Snap Shapes– GILLE’s special, 2020 edition Ginger Snaps – are a great follow-up to the super-popular GILLE Mini Ginger Snap Houses, which brought many families together to enjoy Christmas crafts last year. This year, GILLE has created Christmas elves, snowmen and other cute shapes to help make every family’s ginger snap town that much more exciting.

“Consumers and retailers showed so much interest when we launched GILLE Mini Ginger Snap Houses last year,” says Camilla Tuvesson, Marketing Manager at Continental Bakeries North Europe AB in Åsljunga. 

“GILLE added value to its Ginger Snap range by giving families – including those with young children – the chance to enjoy merry, creative moments together. Families everywhere absolutely loved this new idea. We know this because of all the e-mail, positive comments on social media, photos, phone calls and enquiries we received. Stores even built their own ginger snap towns to inspire their customers,” Camilla explains.

GILLE is now expanding its creative segment with another new Ginger Snap product that will make building your own ginger snap town even more fun this Christmas. This new treat comes in a beautiful blue container and includes

7 Christmas trees
2 male elves
2 female elves and
2 snowmen

to liven up your Christmas crafting. A total of 13 shapes for you and your loved ones to combine and decorate any way you like!

Just like GILLE Mini Ginger Snap Houses, the elves and snowmen come with holes that make them easy to hang in your Christmas tree or windows. 

Naturally, GILLE’s new and creative Ginger Snaps are baked in Sweden using rapeseed oil and a recipe that won the highest rating in a number of taste tests in previous years.

You can buy GILLE Ginger Snap Shapes in stores from 7 September.